A large selection of oil on canvas, watercolors, graphics, pastels, drawings and combined techniques guarantee that you will surely find your artistic image in the Vujadinović Gallery.

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The rich selection of artistic ceramics of a  numerous artists. Their works of stone, majolica and porcelain are equally represented, as well as mosaics, sculptures, handmade stained glass, which makes Gallery Vujadinović recognizable throughout Belgrade!!

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In Gallery Vujadinović you can find a large number of works of art, paintings, details of ceramics, clocks, cups, bowls, sculptures, lamps, tea and coffee sets, souvenirs. Gifts for various occasions, such as New Year, Weddings, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Women's day.
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The sale of paintings and art ceramics is a major part of the popularization and convergence of art with a broad auditorium of art lovers.

A large number of artist exhibit and sell their works at the Vujadinovic Gallery. Paintings in all techniques, oil on canvas, pastel, graphics, acrylic are available in various formats and favorable prices. Contemporary art and works of old masters in one place, in the favorite gallery of many people in Belgrade.

The Vujadinovic Gallery can also offer you framing paintings with a large selection of frames.

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Our gallery in Belgrade, the Vujadinovic Gallery, in the period from May to September each year organizes exhibitions for many artists.
As a form of support for artists, a project named MINI EXIBITION was created, which is visited by a large number of people. Gathering around young and old artists, as well as art lovers, the gallery has become a place full of positive energy. Exhibition of paintings in Belgrade often means the Gallery Vujadinovic

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The Gallery Vujadinovic has become the leader in making protocol gifts for all occasions.
New Year gifts, gifts for business partners at fairs of all activities, cultural events, gatherings of physicians, lawyers both small entrepreneurs and large companies order hand-made gifts that can be offered by the gallery.
Each gift is hand-made by famous artists with whom the gallery co-operates for years and each is packaged in a hand-made luxury box from natural materials..

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Working for many well-known people in Serbia, we were able to make gifts that cannot be found anywhere and which cannot be seen in free sale.
We make models of plants, factories, we make gifts of precious metals at your idea. We make the idea become a reality. Your Gallery Vujadinovic.

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Cooperating with many business people, from small entrepreneurs to large companies, the gallery managed to take its place by working on branding companies. Engaging artists, marketing experts, engineers, the best in their professions we have reached a high level in providing professional branding services. There is a wide range of art objects on which your logo can be applied. By creating various items with company logo, ceramic cups, bowls, graphics, thank-you notes, plaques, can perfectly brand your company. The Gallery Vujadinovic can also support your brand by art works adapted to your company. We are very successful in equipping business promises in Belgrade and throughout Serbia with suitable artwork.
Our references speak in favor of it, branding is easy with the Gallery Vujadinovic.

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Our mission is to do everything in our power to make this world better than we found it.
For this reason the Gallery Vujadinovic disclaims the bulk of its profits by directing these funds to those who really need it. The Gallery Vujadinovic provides financial scholarships for several students. We launched an action ‘’knowledge against the darkness’’ in which four Roma children with excellent or very good success every year after completing primary school get an artistic picture as a gift from the gallery. We are friends of children suffering from cerebral palsy and we do for them as much as we can. We are also participating in the renovation of Serbian monasteries.


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Resavska 33

mob: 060 051 43 14



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